ClearOS 7 Marketplace ready

Posted August 4, 2015 by David Redekop to Feature

We’re thrilled to announce readiness of the DNSthingy app on the ClearOS Marketplace upon version 7 reaching production status. Launch is expected in October of 2015.

ClearOS is an excellent Network, Gateway, Server (NGS) platform for organizations of varying sizes. The power of ClearOS’s linux foundation combined with an easy-to-use click/install marketplace for a variety of apps, makes it a preferred choice for DNSthingy services deployment for Canadian Tire stores, for example.

Contact support for backward compatibility with version 6.6. DNSthingy will not install on ClearOS 6.5 and earlier.

Official support is available for both Community and Professional editions of ClearOS.

ClearBOX 300 appliance

ClearOS 7 with DNSthingy

Contact if you would like to try DNSthingy on ClearOS 7 beta.