Comparing DNSthingy with desktop software

Posted October 26, 2015 by David Redekop to Feature

Compare DNSthingy Accountability Software Desktop Filtering Software
Price $7.99/mo subscription Monthly/Annual cost Free and subscription options
Is there software to install on computers/devices? No Yes Yes
Do I need a separate or modified router? Yes No No
Does software need to be installed on all devices? No Yes Yes
Does it protect you in non-browser apps such as Facebook on mobile? Yes No Sometimes
Does it protect you in third-party apps? Yes Sometimes Sometimes
Can you circumvent it with administrative rights on a computer? No Yes Yes
Can you circumvent it by making a VPN connection to a public service? Yes (can be restricted) Yes (no way to restrict) Yes (no way to restrict)
Reports your activities to an accountability partner No Yes No
Your protection travels with the device Yes (when VPN back to site is used) Yes Yes
Protects all devices (even guests) on your network Yes No No
Designed to be preventive Yes No Yes
Your preferences are stored centrally for all devices Yes No No
You can have different rules for different devices Yes n/a Yes
Whitelist ecosystem to support whitelist only ideals Yes* No No
Blocks third party ad networks Yes No No
Blocks trackers (behaviour profilers) Yes No No
Forces Google SafeSearch (without circumvention possibilities) Yes No No
When protected – how does it impact computer speed? Faster experience About the same Slower experience

* Whitelist ecosystem includes:

  • DNSthingy Whitelist Assistant Google Chrome extension
  • Unblock Request button on blocked web pages
  • Crowd-sourced white-listing
  • Sharing and subscription of whitelists
  • Verified (managed) whitelists