How do I get DNSthingy?

DNSthingy is available from our Get DNSthingy page. You can also install it on your own hardware once you’ve registered, there’s a link to the software from your dashboard.

What does it do?

DNSthingy uses our “secret sauce” to wrap up Internet safety tools into one easy to use dashboard. Allowing you to set up profiles, assign them to devices on your network and customize which content is allowed and which features to enable for each device.

Does it really make things faster?

Yes! DNSthingy’s features like adblocking and behavioural profile blocking not only protect your identity but will also speed up your load times. DNSthingy stops ads from their source so they won’t eat up any bandwidth at all.

Is it as safe as a VPN?

DNSthingy provides all of the security of a VPN connection and more! Using DNSthingy you are able to:

  • Block Third Party Advertisers
  • Block Behavioural Profiling
  • Block Content Marketers
  • Make streaming and downloads fast

Can I protect my children while still leaving my internet open?

Absolutely! With our great profile system you can set up which rules you’d like to apply to which devices in your network. It’s a very easy to use interface that will allow you to turn on and off switches to enable or disable options for each profile.

How do profiles work?

You are able to create a profile for each set of rules you’d like to apply. For example you could create a list for your children, one for the living room, one for the home office and another for mobile devices. From there you would be able to select which profile you’d like to update from the dashboard and easily update settings for only those profiles.

Once you’ve created your profiles you’re able to match them to the devices on your network using the device manager. You can fully customize access for each and every device on your network if you wanted to.