Protect your network

With only one subscription, your entire network is protected. Whether your goal is to protect your computer, your children, or your office, DNSthingy has the tools you need.

Control each device

The first time a device connects it is already protected using your ‘default’ rule set. From our dashboard you can create and apply a different rule sets to different devices. This allows you to customize each Internet user’s experience.

Blacklist unwanted sites

Some of DNSthingy’s most popular blacklists are:

  • Block third party ads
  • Block content marketers
  • Block adult content and phishing (provided by OpenDNS, home use only)

OpenDNS Users love DNSthingy

DNSthingy can also enforce the use of OpenDNS Home or Umbrella on your network, in addition to any custom rules you define. DNSthingy keeps your OpenDNS network IP up-to-date so you don’t need to run the OpenDNS agent/updater.

Whitelist approved sites

Whitelisting is the only tool that provides complete control and protection.

DNSthingy provides many managed whitelists to get you started:

  • The 10,000 family friendly list contains the top 10,000 most popular sites without ads or adult content.
  • Verified whitelists exist for many services, such as operating system updates

DNSthingy also includes tools to help you with whitelisting.

  • Domain logging is available to get you started with whitelisting. For 1-3 months, all websites and domains that are visited from any device on your location are logged. We then process the resulting list to remove ads, giving you your initial whitelist.
  • Unblock requests are used to expand your whitelists. When a user visits a blocked web page (http only), they can request that the site be ‘unblocked’. This shows up in your dashboard for easy approval or rejection.

Share and subscribe to lists

Our like-minded subscribers love the sharing feature.  If you’re an owner of a list and wish to share it, others can then subscribe to it in order to receive your future changes automatically, or make a copy at any point in time to maintain their own copy going forward.  This is also popular in multi-site organizations where only one list is maintained even though there are many locations/routers.

Filter content

Some sites have built-in filtering features. All circumvention attempts are blocked.  DNSthingy allows you to turn on and force these site filters for any/every device on your network.

DNSthingy supports:

  • Safe search on Bing and Google.
  • Two levels of filtering on YouTube – strict and moderate.

Schedule access

Schedules allow you to change rule sets for a device at predetermined times. For example, they can be used to disable Internet automatically at night.